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About Eve Resort in Patnem, South Goa

Eve Resort is quietly located in Patnem – and serves as a perfect base to explore South Goa and its superb beaches. The friendly owners Clive and Marylyn and courtyard restaurant Comida certainly contribute to the home away from home feeling. A friendly, cosy and no nonsense hotel. A comfy place to escape the crowds while being centrally located with easy access to surrounding beaches, bars & restaurants.

Splendid service together with a wide range of facilities makes Eve Resort the right place to stay.

Our story

Accessed down Patnem-Palolem road, the vibrant paintwork of Eve Resort is a reflection of the hotel’s charismatic owners, Clyve and Marylyn Rodrigues and their little daughter Candace. 

The family-run property is next to Clive’s ancestral home, and the plot of land it is built on has been in the family for generations. Once upon a time, before travellers discovered South Goa as a tourist destination, the entrepreneurial matriarch of the family Eva started to rent out small Portuguese-style houses built by her father in law and grandfather to labourers. 

Coming from a lineage of seafarers, it came as no surprise that Clive wanted and started to work on cruise liners. He earned his stripes in hospitality serving guests on cruise ships for over 10 years, traveling the seas and oceans, bringing him to many nooks & corners of the world. 

He came back home to start his own business with support of his mum, bringing with him a wealth of experience. In memory of his father’s lovingly expression of calling his wife Eva “Eve”, and in honour of her ongoing continuous support, “Eve Resort” was born. 

Today Eve Resort is a thriving hotel where he and his good-natured wife Marylyn welcome you as guests, and make you leave as friends. 


Things to do around

Patnem is a small beach village nestling close to some of the most beautiful beaches of South Goa.  

It’s within easy reach of Patnem Beach (5 minutes’ walk), Palolem Beach (25 minutes’ walk or short rickshaw ride,) Rajbagh Beach, and Colomb Beach. There’s a great choice of attractions including boat trips to hidden beaches or for spotting dolphins, a visit to an organic spice farm, go on a sightseeing trip to North Goa, or discover the rich Portuguese legacy by exploring remnants of the colonial era on a scooter or by car with a driver, and much more.  

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